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Help parents and caregivers keep kids focused, interested, and balanced while learning from home.

At this point, the distance learning scenario isn't entirely new. We have more information about what works for kids and what doesn't. And the hope is that we -- parents, caregivers, teachers, and school leaders -- are now better prepared to support kids in their social, emotional, and academic growth during the pandemic.

What's true is that families are taking on much more responsibility for their kids' learning than ever before. And in order for distance learning to be successful, parents and caregivers need support.

First and foremost, we all should try to remember to come from a place of empathy for parents and caregivers, students, and teachers. Parents aren't trained teachers. And even trained educators have trouble teaching their own kids! These circumstances are a great reminder of how important teachers really are.

Also, kids may or may not talk much about the virus, distance learning, or how the pandemic has affected their social lives -- but they're feeling it. Parents and educators should try to lead with love, and remember that strong relationships with kids make for positive educational experiences.

Flyer: Parent Tip: Learning from home
The Family, Adult and Children First Council is currently offering Parent Education Classes in a variety of ways!

First Five Years, Active Parenting,  Active Parenting for Stepfamilies, Loving Solutions, Parent Project, Triple P Primary Care, Triple P Workshops and Triple P Seminars are being offered in person when possible, via Zoom, via telephone, and online.

Please reach out to
Brandy Heeter at 740-652-7287 or
for more information.

Thank you so much for your patience!
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