General Council Administration
• Ohio Family & Children First Council Operating Capacity Building Fund grant

Help Me Grow Early Intervention
• Ohio Department of Health
    • Central Coordination Grant
    • General Revenue Fund Subsidy
• Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
    • Early Intervention (Part C and General Revenue Fund) Grant

Multi-System Youth Committee
• Pooled partner funding
   (Fairfield Board of Developmental Disabilities, Fairfield County ADAMH Board and
   Fairfield County Juvenile Court)
• Out-of-Home Placement funding
    (Pooled Partners and Fairfield County Commissioners)
• Family Centered Supports and Services (Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services)

Childhood Injury  - Safe Kids Coalition
Funded in whole or in part by a grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Health Bureau of Healthy Ohio, Violence and Injury Prevention Program and as a sub-award of a grant issued by the Ohio Department of Health under the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant, grant award number 3B01DP009042-1351, and CFDA number 93.991

Parent Education Cooperative
(Active Parenting, Parent Project, Quarterly Parent Education Calendar)
• Fairfield County ADAMH Board
• City of Lancaster CDBG
• Fairfield County CDBG
• Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Community Sponsors of Our Services
• Fairfield County Foundation, George & Dollie L. Zimpfer Memorial Fund
• South Central Power Foundation
The programs and initiatives of the Fairfield County Family, Adult and Children First Council are funded by the following sources:
Fairfield County ADAMH

Funding Sources

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