Fairfield County Multi-System Youth Cluster provides service coordination and services to assist families when their children are experiencing problems. This family/team approach builds on the strengths of the family. It helps families with multi-need children receive appropriate services as they are available. It facilitates connections in the community that are helpful and caring. Goals are set by the family and are supported by the team meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an agency need to refer my child to the MSY Committee?
No, you as a parent can refer to MSY Committee. Many times the family will be working with an agency and so the agency helps with the referral packet, but parents can self refer as well.

How can you help my family?
Our services can be a variety of things. It is individualized and goals are set by the family. Service Coordination can include: connecting with counseling, paying for positive activities, respite care and other services.

How do I start the process?
You can either contact the MSY Coordinator as listed above or download the referral packet and release of information. The Referral is listed on this website. You will need to complete the Early Childhood Release of Information for children birth to 8 years old. For Children 9-18 (21 if has the DD diagnosis) do the I-Team Release of Information and the packet. When all is completed just mail or fax it to the address above.

How do I know if I am eligible?
These services are for children that have multiple problems. Many have mental health concerns, juvenile court involvement, drug/alcohol problems or DD issues. Questions can be directed to the MSY Coordinator, contact info listed above.

The Multi System Child and Youth Committee serves the following populations:
1. Adjudicated Youth and Families
2. At-risk children and families defined as:
   a. Children (Infant, toddlers and youth) deemed to be at risk of failing to thrive in their home, school or in the community
   b. Specifically, children displaying the following risk factors
        i. Not achieving the developmental milestones as outlined in the Help Me Grow Policies and Procedures
        ii. Known medical conditions
       iii. Health and Safety risks
       iv. Parental risk factors
    c. Youth at-risk of engaging in drug use, anti- social behavior or other dangerous behavior
    d. Specifically, displaying the following risk factors:
         i. Drug/alcohol use/abuse
        ii. Failure to thrive in school
       iii. At risk of entering the criminal justice system

Early Childhood Cluster
• Meets once a month (third Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM)
• Cases are presented for families with children birth to 8 years old
• A release of information is necessary to start the process
• New cases are presented and those in attendance share ideas regarding referrals, possible programs appropriate for the family and general information
• Staffings are held when needed to share information and support the family as they access services

• Meets twice a month (second and fourth Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM
   - once a month during the summer months)
• Cases are presented for families with children 9-18 years old
   (Children who are eligible for DD services will be served through age 21)
• A packet is completed and a release of information is presented when a new case is reviewed
• Information about the presenting problem is shared and agencies discuss referrals, ideas of programs that would be helpful, as well as other information
• Staffings are scheduled with the family and the agencies impacting them to provide support while they are accessing services
Youth Referral Form
Youth Release/Info Form
2018 Service Coordination Plan
Fairfield County Mental Health Resources for Children and Families
Fairfield County Family, Adult & Children First Council
Cindi West, BSW, MSY Coordinator / Email P: 740-652-7288
Fairfield County Multi-System Youth Cluster provides service coordination and services to assist families when their children are experiencing problems.

Multi-Youth System

Donna Fox-Moore, Executive Director
P:  740-652-7284 /